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Isolation play

Hey all. I’ve been doing this with a fiddle player friend and a Yukulele friend of mine for a few weeks now and it is taking my skills up tremendously. I created a goup called Bored bluegrass pickers on Whatsap and every Sunday night we take turns picking a new song to learn. We practice for the week and then share an audio recording playing the song then the other person picks and so on. What a great way to push yourself and force you to practice new material all the time. It creates power when a larger group are working on the same song each week so It does not have to be a highly technical or advanced song but at the same time a challenge to push your skills. Ben has tons of material on here so I go through the banjo checklist to keep track. If anyone else out there is interested in getting on board just let me know and I will give you my number. The last three weeks we have learned Blackberry Blossom, Mississippi Sawyer and week Leather Britches is kicking my but. Hoping to get more on board in a totally non threatening way. Happy picking yall from Alberta Canada.