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Irish Washerwoman Guitar-Banjo Demo Query

Hi @BanjoBen , In the guitar-banjo demo are you playing the pick up notes at the start of the banjo solo? It sure sounds like you are but I just need to check.

The reason I am asking is I am trying to connect the TAB for the Mandolin solo onto the end of the Banjo solo and I don’t feel like I am getting a smooth transition. The last note of the banjo solo is a dotted note and the pick up note for the Mandolin solo is on the first beat of the next measure. It may just be my imagination, yet it seems like there is a longer pause than there should be before the melody kicks in. I have the banjo backup starting on the measure immediately after the Mandolin pickup notes.

It’s hard for me to picture what you describe. Please send me the tab file and I will see what’s up.

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Will do…