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Irish Washerwoiman Backup - TablEdit - Conundrum

Hi @BanjoBen and @Mr_G

I decided to TAB out the Backup progression for the Irish Washerwoiman as explained in the Rhythm & Chords section of the lesson. This tune is in 6/8 timing and as far as I can make out Ben plays a pinch for the duration of each whole measure except where a measure is split by a chord change each sharing one half measure.

The CONUMDRUM. By selecting WHOLE note for a full measure or HALF NOTE in the case of the split measure (with the time signature set at 6/8) TablEdit flags up a RED note indicating a timing issue.

So my question is what note length (duration) should I select in TablEdit for a full measure and a half measure in 6/8 timing.

if an eight note = one beat
dotted quarter (1/4 + 1/8)= three beats
dotted half (1/2 + 1/4) = 6 beats

Hi Dave. Yes I understand that but that doesn’t answer my query. Which is what is the duration of a WHOLE note in a measure of 6/8.

A WHOLE NOTE IN 4/4 = 4 quarter note beats

A WHOLE NOTE IN 6/8 = 6 eighth note beats

But if you select WHOLE NOTE in TablEdit the single note turns red indicating a timing issue as it sees the single note as a value of 4 quarter note beats rather than 6 eighth note beats. The duration of the measure.

I hope that makes sense.

A whole note in 6/8 doesn’t equal 6 beats. Dave is right. A whole note is 8 beats in 6/8 time. If you wanted a single note to fill up all 6 beats of a 6/8 measure, it would be a dotted half note. A dotted half note is made up of 6 eighth notes, and each eighth note gets a beat.

Dah! my bad, my brain was not engaged when I made that post :weary:

Writing things out in TablEdit can do fearful things to the mind… :wink:

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I was never very good at fractions. Never could divide a cake up evenly so I always took the biggest potion and left it up to my three younger siblings to squabble over what was left.

that’s easy division 1/2 for me and 1/2 for them…hehe

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Ah! that’s where I was going wrong. I was taking 3/4 for me and 1/4 for them.

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