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Irish Banjo Tunes

Just wanted to share with you guy’s a couple of Irish Banjo Tunes I have been working on by Heath Joyce.

The Ten Penny Bit a traditional Irish Jig in the key of Am (dorian), A real finger twister in 6/8 Jig Time. Lots of triplets to drive you crazy.

Wind that Shakes the Barley arranged for the 5 string banjo in a melodic style. is an interesting tune to work thru but gets a bit monotonous the more it’s played.


Nice picking Archie! I do love Irish tunes

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Thanks Gunnar

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@Archie I really enjoyed that! You’ve inspired me to go find the tab I have for the barley song and get to work on it :blush:


Go for it @Simone it’s so different to Bluegrass and you’ll learn a bunch of new skills

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