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Intro to endins

Strange but what looks easy is hard to do for me…its a critical point in my “banjocareer”…no don t give up !
But I think its time for a good tune to lossen up a bit…
Are there more players who have difficulties with potatoes and endings?

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When I was younger a friend of mine had a “book of endings” we put together…after a couple years we could stop anything! :rofl:

I’ve spent about the last two months almost strictly on intros to different songs in various keys.and may very well do another month or two.

I’ve had quick pre-show rehearsals with bands before where we only ran through the intro/beginning of each song 2-3 times and went to the next.

It’s like anything else…work on it and over time it gets easier.

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Classic Quote @Fiddle_wood!

In my case, just hand me an instrument and I will bring the whole train to a halt! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Seriously, as @Fiddle_wood is a seasoned (very good) player… I think this speaks that what seems to be so basic and fundamental as Potatoes and Cabooses (endings) - is anything BUT automatic! It takes work and lots of practice!

Yes, I also have struggles with them…

Makes me consider that this may well be a good topic for @BanjoBen to cover in a lesson.

I mean… the topic has been covered several times… but just focusing on solid techniques to overcome difficulties and Potatoes and Cabooses… or perhaps a nifty exercise to drill them over and over in practice might be interesting…

What do you think @Archie?

Maybe it is just about repeat practice of material already on the site?

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Hi @Adriaan When I was a beginner I struggled a lot with intros and endings… never seemed to get the timing right. on the kickoff and would get over excited as the tune came to an end. @BanjoBen is always trying out new endings and kickoffs I think he does it just to catch me out. :crazy_face:

I find if I spend a little time on each without playing the rest of the tune I gain more confidence and things seem to flow much better as a result. :+1::+1::+1:

Here is a lesson Ben created a few years back on Intros and Endings which I dip my toe into every now and then.

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thank you all…i just needed Some encouragement I Think!
Bens lessons are very good but sometimes I miss fysical contact just …a real tap on the shoulder as you all understand


Hi @Adriaan @BanjoBen and others are always here to steer your progress. Just post a query or submit a video and we will do our best to guide you through the hurdles.