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International Play Music on the Porch Day

August 29, 2020 Is International Play Music on the Porch day. How are you going to celebrate? I think I’ll play outside after the evening cools off.

See the website below for more info

~ Carl


Hello Carl,

Well admit that it is new to me and day nearly over in UK but will put it in the diary to have the neighbours dogs howling next year.

But in earnest great initiative. Enjoy your playing.


Thanks for the note David. I don’t think anyone will complain if you celebrate a day late. I wish you the best.

I might try out some of the licks in this week’s lesson

~ Carl


Sounds Interesting and fun. I found them on Twitter and am following along.


Oh rats! I played banjo on my porch on August 22.
Apparently I’m still having timing issues.


Very good!

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Hi Carl,

Just like David not heard of this in the UK. We mostly have fenced off back gardens and patios - So your dogs will be your main audience and some baffled neighbors - who seem to comment “were you playing Irish music?”

I really wish you could get together easily with some family or friends on a open porch to play bluegrass - You are very lucky to have this rich culture in the States - porch playing seems to in origins and heart of the music - getting together to enjoy good music and company! Having a great time fooling around!


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I have to get myself a porch so I can do this next year