Instruments out of stock


I was wondering if there was a time frame when instruments come back in stock? I was hoping to get a new banjo, only to see the general store doesnt have it right now :frowning:


Otis! My Man!

One virtual pick point if you’re old enough to know where that came from.


We got TONS of stuff in today! What were you looking for in particular?


Baked Beans :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hopefully there is an Eastman E8D in the sack somewhere​:roll_eyes::wink:


Those are the holy grail, it seems.


I know!! That’s good if I can ever get my hands on one.


Jake told me we’re getting 4 of them right at Christmas. Make sure he knows you want one. I know that he said a couple are already spoken for.


Ok thanks I’ll send him an email now to be sure but I did speak to him in October and told him that’s the one I wanted.
BTW how does the E10D compare to the E8D?


E10D is the mahogany Golden Era style dread…outstanding!


I didn’t realize Eastman had so many guitar options! They must sell quick because I’ve never seen a shop around here with more than a couple of the lower end models in stock.


I just ordered the E10D today! I can’t wait to get it. Jake Has already set it up but he’s waiting til Monday to ship so it doesent have to sit in a cold warehouse over the weekend. I think I’m really going to like it, I’ve never owned a guitar even close to that quality.


Nice! I hope we’ll get some video of you playing it.


For sure!


Sorry for the late reply but I was looking at the rk75


Otis Redding?


Shamma Lamma Ding Dong!


Animal House…Otis Day and he Knights.


Correction…Otis Day and the Knights.


Recording King is out of 75’s I believe until next year. I just got in two 76 Elites though. These are exactly the same banjo with hearts and flower inlay instead of flying eagle.