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Inshore fishing

Caught some nice GA inshore fish yesterday. 12 reds, 16 trout, 2 whitings. We had a great day and the weather was awesome!


Nice haul you got there Brandon, bet they taste great smoked. I just love a pair of kippers for breakfast.

That is a nice catch. Archie, in that part of the country they smoke mullet. Don’t smoke a redfish (or deep fry it), Grill it over charcoal or blacken it. That is a world class fish dinner. I’ve commented in other posts about trout almondine and blackening spice. See Skyway Pier Fishing

Hurricane Michael wrecked my fishing plans this year. I know that is a minor inconvenience compared to what the residents of Mexico Beach and the surrounding area are going through. But I’ve got a bad jones for a blackened grouper sandwich!

If you like fish for breakfast you would fit right in here in the southern US!

My father was a deep sea trawler-man up until the early 50’s. I was just a lad but I remember him bringing home large baskets of strange looking fish. What we didn’t use were either sold or given to the neighbours. Most of the herring and haddock went to the smoke house. Strange as it may seem I hated eating fish back then. As I’ve gotten older my taste buds have changed and I now love eating cullen skink a mixed fish chowder.

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Like @The_Mole said above smoked Mullet is about the only fish people smoke around here. Mullet is a pretty strong tasting fish. Personally I don’t care for smoked mullet, I would rather eat fried fish, or grilled if it’s a saltwater fish.

Herring is a really strong (bitter) fish, my mum used to soak it in vinegar with salt & pepper rolled it up and cooked in a deep dish in the oven. Yuk I just couldn’t stomach it but my dad and siblings loved it. My wife and I eat a lot of salmon and mussels (shellfish) these days. Most of it is farmed in Scotland and Norway. I am sure I have eaten Mullet at some point. I also love smoked Mackerel it’s a little milder than herring (kippers) Although a salt water fish it is found in river estuaries around Scotland.

Smoked Haddock is really nice poached in milk and butter. Lemon Sole is nice fried in breadcrumbs.

Cod and Haddock deep fried with chips is a popular takeaway food if you are ever over in the UK.

Archie if I’m ever in your neck of the woods we need to go catch some fish, Then have a good meal. Sounds like you enjoy fish as much as I do!:fish:

Brandon, All my attempt’s at trying to fish I have never yet caught one :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::tired_face:

Well come on over here and we can fix that😁

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I regret to say my traveling days are over Brandon otherwise I would be heading out to Nashville to join y’all at Ben’s bluegrass camp.