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Insanely good banjo and guitar pickin

Came across this on YouTube as I’m always surfing to watch banjo players. I had to laugh, not because it is bad, but because it is just so mind blowingly fast and good. Amazing playing.


Sometimes I think Noam just may be faster than Bela. :thinking:

Wow, check out Michael’s right hand. It almost looks like how Sam Bush plays, but without moving his wrist. You can definitely hear some of Chris Thile’s influence in Noam’s playing

Well here’s Bela, playing dear old dixie.


That’s the best dear old Dixie ever! I love the new camptown races on Russ Carson’s channel, the one with Sierra Hull, Justin Moses, a Jake Workman (among others)

Yes indeed, I love that too. Especially as everyone gets a turn. That bass player did a mean fill too. I don’t know much about the guy who I believe is Sierra’s hubby (playing banjo) , but I understand he’s pretty much outstanding on any string instrument. Seirra is just Awsome on mando. :+1:

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Yeah Justin Moses is one of my favorite pickers, cuz he’s pretty much where I want to be in twenty years. He’s a phenomenal flatpicker, dobroist, banjoist, mandolinist, and fiddler.