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Infrared Hand Treatment

As some of you know I have had some major issues with my picking hand. To the point that its pretty useless to play the banjo. Long story short looking for solutions to get back at it.

My chiropractor has been good about recommendations and helping me. I wanted to pass on one recommendation of this for your consideration if you need it.

He suggested infrared treatment. Using an infrared light to really penetrate the joints and loosen up stiff muscles and joints. Might try it and report back.

Here is a link of one I was looking at.


I’ve heard of this but have not heard any result reports…I hope it helps!

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I know a couple of people who swear by their infrared devices. Like anything else, though, there are quality devices and there are junk devices. If you decide to give it a try, I’d recommend doing some research so you know you’re getting something other than snake oil.

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Yeah, I’d really like to hear how that goes too, given the left wrist pain that always returns when playing too much.

I also would like to add a couple of thoughts.

  1. Mark has similarly long arms like you, Jason. If you’ll notice his technique, he has his arm rested further back (wrist is closer to the arm rest). Hope that makes sense. What I’m getting at is, not only does his technique look good, it also looks comfortable.
  2. Consider viewing Christopher Schlegel’s arm, shoulder and wrist stretching exercises. They’ve definitely given me some relief.

Hope I don’t come across as Mr. Know it All. Just want to try to help.



Yep doing that now.

Thanks. How would I go about viewing @Mark_Rocka arm position? His profile is a monkey playing the banjo!

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Dude, it’s a selfie. That’s really mean.


Haha! Twas a joke. You can see it here:

Wow not only do I need that hand position I need his talent! And maybe his banjo instructor. No wait…:thinking:

Nice archtop @Mark_Rocka

It looks like his hand it flatter. Not arched like many suggest when learning.

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He’s in the video swap section playing Eight of January.

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Belay that.

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I literally LOLed! :smile:

Maybe I should update my profile picture. I’ve shaved since then. :slight_smile:


Me and my son made our own and it really works it does so much more, it also heals sores cuts ect . I have a very stiff wrist on my left hand and it is so hard to make a C chord but now I can make it with out so much trouble . I recommend to looking in to making your own if you are handy read schematics and soldering. we have been making our own for a few years . Stanford University did test on the lights and found no side effects at all but they did find it worked even on sores inside the mouth caused by radiation treatment. Do not look into the lights it might damage your eyes . we use a double chip like a transistor it has two chips and is very powerful so we have to time the time under the light. keep playing all music sounds good .


Any specific instructions you might recommend following? I could build one.

You could probably build one out of leather.

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I’m going to build one out of hardtack.

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I will get a parts list and if any one is handy with a soldering iron you will be in business , look for it in a few days from now . I have used these lights for years and they work. Stanford University did a ten year study on infrared LED.'s they promote healing of sores from radiation therapy also . I am sorry I should have done that at the onset
This is not the normal light, it uses light emitting diodes .

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Another item that helps people with arthritis , is this, go to a farm store and buy a 20 pound bag of Magnesium citrate mix two or three table spoons to a Small spray bottle full of water I would use the water you buy at the store for drinking , you can buy those at Walmart. the material is around $20 for a 20 # bag

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Go ahead, this old man has suffered more slings and arrows to last two life times . I am sorry I mentioned it because now my very own son has bucked up on me and will not give me the parts list ’ So if anyone is interested he will build you one for for enough to cover his expenses . The magnesium is simple enough just get a 20# bag it should last you a few years . I am reluctant to offer up DMSO as it is a solvent and it takes what ever you have on your hands and puts it deep inside you so don’t handle any poisons of any kind .