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Info regarding jamtracks

hey! im just looking for some info regarding jamtracks.
1st lets take the will the circle be unbroken. when its counted in it starts slow and then faster. is there any reason
for that?
2nd lets say beginner tracks . boil em gabbage down and worried man blues. there the count in is slower than the song.
i bet there are numerous ways to do a count in. just looking for reasons, why its done differently.

Great question! I don’t have any hard set rules on that, but typically treat the rhythm tracks like a band setting. Traditionally when a drummer counts off a tune (in Nashville, anyway), they will yell: ONE…TWO…ONE TWO THREE FOUR!

So the first two counts are half time, then they go full time, and it helps to establish the tempo for some reason. That’s just what I’m used to. On the slower beginner lessons, we’re not going as fast and perhaps I didn’t feel that was needed, or perhaps would confuse folks.

Does this make sense?

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Yeah was just curious :blush: have no musical experience. Started banjo completely blank.

i just cant seem to play that fast

If the jam tracks are too fast, start with the tef files at a pace that you are comfortable with. Once you gain speed you’ll be able to jump into the jam tracks.

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You can download the slowest track and move the file into a software or app that will slow it down further if needed.

Amazing Slow Downer is one option…

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