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Incorrect Advice - TablEdit - Apology

Hi Folks

I need to apologise

In recent weeks I have given out some incorrect advice about setting the speed in TablEdit i.e. bpm which I feel the need to correct.

In the software there is an option to change the relative speed of the TAB in play back. You will find this option under the Menu heading Midi. Clicking on Relative Speed opens up a sub menu box. In this box there are two boxes one of these boxes has the label Tempo. The other is labeled %

In the advice I gave out in relation to Building Speed I said I set TablEdit to 40 bpm and adjust the speed up in 5 bpm increments.

In fact what I am doing is setting the percentage speed of the TAB to 40% and adjusting it up in 5 % increments.

The speed of the TAB is set by the TAB Author. under the Menu heading Midi > Midi Options

The default setting in TablEdit when creating a new TAB sets the Tempo to 120 Allegro. TAB Authors like Ben will often change this speed to reflect what is often considered close to the normal performance tempo.

For most new students this is often way too fast to play along with and the Relative Speed option gives the student a means to slow things down to a comfortable learning speed.

I always start at 40% and build gradually. I hope this clarify’s things. Somewhere over my many years of study I have come to look on that percentage box as calculating speed in bpm. I have now come to realise that is wrong and I wish to apologise for giving out misleading information.


Thanks for the clarification Archie!

An easy slip to make.