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In the Jailhouse Now - Banjoseverin 🤠

This is the first time that I myself transfer at least part of a song to the banjo. I learned the refrain from Casey Henry, then the second part myself … it’s nothing special, but it’s a start to find the notes for other songs myself. I’ve never heard the song here in switzerland … is it very well known in the usa? Hope you like it a little … it is still expandable😀


I love that song you did it justice, it is a simple song to begin with
you need a band!


Good job. I think it got some “recent” attention when it was in the movie “O brother where art thou?”.

I hope I remembered that correctly. I used to have this web app where I could search for things, but I’ve lost all confidence in it.


Great Job @Severin

Love this old tune by Jimmy Rogers. I tried learning the Oh Brother tabbed version of this years ago in f#BF#BD# tuning it was a real struggle.

I should add it was my mother who introduced me to Jimmy Rogers when I was a kid - Back in the day’s of the Mono Chrome TV she’d get me out of bed late at night to watch these old cinema short films which were then finding there way on the BBC. Course back then these lyrics went straight over our heads - we couldn’t hardly understand a word of what he was singing. It was just a joy to listen to his singing voice, yodelling and geetar


Nice job @Severin! I’m from originally from Georgia, USA and I’d never heard this song prior to the “O, Brother” movie, but I’d also not been exposed to much bluegrass per se (some current popular country music in the 70’s yes, bluegrass not so much). It’s a fun tune, and I enjoyed your melody line pickin’ !

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Thanks y’all!! Many thanks for the interesting contributions, I’ll take a look at everything!

Nice picking!

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Thank you!

Sweet job “by ear-ing” those lyric notes! :sunglasses::+1:t2: We have a radio station here that still occasionally plays the Jimmy Rogers version, so I was familiar with the tune prior to the O Brother movie…

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Thank you @Simone! Oh cool!

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