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In Christ Alone worship song

Hey Ben,

I have heard this song in the radio sung by different artists and have sat in different churches and they sing it for worship.

Is it possible for you to do a instrument version of this great worship song? Mando for sure and guitar too, don’t know about banjo. Let me know.


Banjo too

Chris tomlin song? Probably copywritten


It is a copyrighted song written by (the awesome) Stuart Townend. I think I’ve got a lead sheet I put together with chords and lyrics. Would that help get you started?

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Here is a version in E. I actually don’t use this key much. I play it in D similar to an Andy Leftwich version on youTube,

In Christ alone.doc (22 KB)

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Yes, it is a copyrighted song, and one of my favorites by one of my favorite writers.

Absolutely. If the only song he had done was “How deep the Father’s love”, I think that is a career defining song. To knock it out of the park again with “In Christ alone” just tells you that Stuart has got that writing thing going, I just pulled him up on CCLI… ready for this? 213 copyrighted songs! I have not heard most, but it is kind of tempting to search through them to find a hidden gem.

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A few from the list of Stuart’s that we do at our church:

  • Power of the Cross
  • Come People of the Risen King
  • Holy Spirit
  • Behold the Lamb
  • Across the Lands
  • Resurrection Hymn
  • Creation Sings the Father’s Song

I know you guys won’t understand this old Tamil song
but somehow I feel many songs that come up lately have lost the thread. They are incomplete in conveying the message, especially the man’s response part. That is deception. I have translated this song. Here we go…

To make me without blame in love,
By/through you, He(the father) made ALL things,
So that you might have the preeminence!
Isn’t the Father’s plan/purpose eternal?


Did you(the Father) love my Jesus?
Who am I (to be loved), the dust of the earth?
I will praise you(the Father)
with thankfulness, always!

Since you were the firstborn from the dead
You became the head of the new creation
To perfect the church, the body of yours,
You gifted the apostles!

You elected/called me according to your foreknowlege,
And you having the preeminence,
Filled me with the Spirit
So that I can grow up in your image!

You having the preeminence
In the days to come, and we as brothers
Declare your word of grace
And reign as new creation!

My heart swells (overflows) with thanks
How can I repay you?
To fully accomplish your grand plan
I give(yield) myself, lead me!


God’s purpose for man: To be without blame in love
God’s plan: To make Jesus have preeminence in everything to make this his purpose possible
Man’s response: Yield himself to be his creation. That is, to repent/believe, to join in apostle’s fellowship to know/understand him and to get filled with his Spirit to be able to grow in his image.
As result: Man reigns in life and declares/spread this word of grace around
End result: Jesus makes man unblemish in love to present him before the Father

Some References:

Ephesians 1:4
According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before him in love:

Ephesians 3:11
11 According to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord:

I Peter 1:2
Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ:…

Colossians 1:18
And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.

Ephesians 4:11,12
11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;
12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ:

Romans 8:29
29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

Romans 5:17
17 For if by one man’s offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.)

Psalm 116:12,13
12 What shall I render unto the Lord for all his benefits toward me?
13 I will take the cup of salvation, and call upon the name of the Lord.


Good word, @jmonickaraj1! Do you speak Tamil? I’ve spent time in the slums outside Chennai with the Tamil people.

Is Tamil a language? Where from?

Yep, in India and Sri Lanka.

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Hey Dragonslayer, see Ben knows! :slight_smile: It is probably the oldest language in the whole wide world. :wink: Here what Alex Coolier has to say about Tamil…

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Thanks Ben, glad you liked it! Tamil is what I used to speak. My mother tongue and that was my medium until 11th grade. I don’t consider myself that great in English except that I can mimic you guys to some extent. :wink: Cool. I didn’t know you were ever there in India. It must have been a totally different experience for you. Maybe if I get a chance to be around in India I think I should invite to your my place which is even south to Chennai. There is a lot of churches built by English are there and people are used to hymns and I’m sure many will enjoy your music there!!


I proposed to my wife in India. We look forward to going back some day. Hopefully sooner than later. It’s such a rich culture and so full of history.

We’d always welcome you Mark! So you were in India with your wife before?? This video should expedite things… Here is a Britisher who is doing organic farming in Tamil Nadu (a state in India) and as a proponent of organic foods he speaks fluent Tamil with Chennai slang accent.

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Yes. I was only there for 3 days, which is why I’m eager to return. My wife (girlfriend at the time) went to study at the Oneness University temple just north of Chennai for a month. I got there 3 days before she left and surprised her with a proposal on the top floor of the temple. It was a magical experience, to say the least.

Just checked on Youtube and the university/temple looks new, grand, beautiful and well kept. It is in Andhra, a bordering state with Tamil Nadu. People are generally nice there too. Sure you will require lot more days to explore the different places, to witness the diversity in language, dresses, food, culture, habits and what not. Civic sense was lacking but it is fast changing nowadays with people being better off now.

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That’s cool. I can’t watch the YouTube link (not allowed) but that’s really cool that it’s so old. Wow, @Mark_Rocka, that’s really cool that you proposed in India! I’d like to visit someday (mainly cuz I love the accent)

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