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Impersonation Contest Again?

This @BanjoBen impresonation contest is from about 10 years ago. I stumbled across it after browsing Russ Carson’s 81 Crowe You Tube channel. I had to take a peek at the video - and I ended up watching the entire thing. It was simply hilarious. Anyway, it preceded my banjo days so I’d never seen it. With all the new recent traffic on the site, the desire to put 2020 well behind, and 10 years being a long time, I believe we’re due for another contest. What say you @BanjoBen ??


HAHAHA!! That is great!! Yes i do believe we are due. Bring it on!


btw not trying to answer your question… Just agreeing with your post. When i read my comment i relized it sounded like i was answering for Ben which is not what i was trying to do. :wink: