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I'm pretty stoked

After about Ten years of looking I believe I’m in a decent band again.

Pretty excited to be playing Bass again with Dana Cupp Jr. (Bill Monroe, Osborne Bros., Jimmy Martin, and more) handling the Banjo .

We haven’t officially announced ourselves as a unit yet, but are booked two of the next three weekends and also a large festival in here in MI in June.

We are all old friends, and trad. bluegrass musicians, but never performed together as an official band. I’m hoping it lasts a while.

I’m really looking forward to getting out and performing with some good friends again…now where did I store that bass…haha


In MI ? Michigan? Where about is the festival?

Charlotte Bluegrass Festival

on 1/20 we’ll be in Hanover, MI at the monthly jam/stage show they have there.

On 2/3 we’ll be at the River Raisin’ show in Monroe, MI at noon for a set.

I have some friends that have a regular jam in three rivers, ever made it up there?

Yes. Three Rivers is a nice little town about 50 minutes from me.

Hanover is close to Spring Arbor University. Another nice town a little farther but well within driving distance.

There is a great little Bluegrass Festival in Niles MI. They have groups from all over playing. Maybe you could get booked to play there too?

(South Bend Airport is close by for any pilots that might want to fly easily there too. Notre Dame has a lot of Celtic influenced music studies. Might make for a good “High Rollers” episode :+1:)

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Alright Dave!!! Way to go. Keep us informed.

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Steve, I’m familiar with the Niles event but have never been there…I tend to go where I can camp

Mike, will do. We;ll probably sort out a lot next weekend when we all get together & talk in person.

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How cool to catch you at a show in Michigan


Flyer for 2/3 in case anyone is interested in coming out.

Gun Creek (my band) plays at Noon.


Show went pretty well. Had a fun time.
A band cancelled so we played their set also and walked away with double pay…that was a happy thing.

Have another musician who wants to get something started stopping over Wed to meet up & jam to check each other out…should also be fun.


Keep us posted on your upcoming shows. I am going to try and get to one of them for sure.

Will do.
All we’ve got right now is Flat Rock Eagles sometime in April I think.
I don’t expect to be real busy this year, but we should pick up a few things here and there…