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I'm malarious... again

Well, I’m at a beautiful house in a small French ville, and I have malaria. This is not verified by a test, because it will read positive up to thirty days afterwards, because it tests for antibodies not the parasite, and your body keeps producing them for that long. All that to say: please pray for me to heal quickly and keep meds down, and my parents cuz they have to take care of me.


Man, that’s rough! Praying.


Man, I’m so sorry to hear that. :pensive:

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Get better soon. I think us forum folks could probably raise the funds to donate a mosquito suit to you. I hope you like jokes while you’re sick. Sorry.


Thanks. I do still appreciate humor even while infirm, if I stopped appreciating humor it would be cuz my heart stopped beating. A mosquito suit would not be as helpful as some ddt (an excellent poison that was sadly outlawed, dooming numerous people (myself excluded) to death at the hands of malaria) ok I’m done ranting now :joy:


This is not good Gunnar. We’re not used to hearing about malaria like this.

But now that you mention it, DDT was used in the US for many years. I believe it was banned in the late 60s.

I remember being taught about it in school. The bald eagle, which now flourishes almost became extinct from eating DDT exposed fish which caused its eggshell to become very thin and the eaglets would not hatch properly.

Talk about a two edged sword. It’s kind of a lose / lose situation. Hopefully someone will come up with an alternative for mosquito control.

Get better soon brother.


Well, there’s already no bald eagles in Africa, and there’s no malaria in the states, cuz of it (ddt). Thanks I’m doing a bit better already


Brother, is it not the anopheles mosquito that causes malaria? I don’t think they exist in the US.

Not being combative…Just thinking. :thinking:

I probably could have brought up the DDT thing under better circumstances. One thing I’m very good at is poorly timing my commentary…Sorry.

DDT is magic sauce. We need it so badly in much of the world.


Yessir it is that nofleas skeeter that carries the disease, and your right again that it ain’t in the U.S. the reason it ain’t is ddt

On the good news side, research continues to advance for anti-malaria medicines. A few days ago researchers announced efforts to find drugs that attack the plasmodium sporozoites in the liver stage of the lifecycle. They have been testing up to 20,000 candidate drugs a week and have over 600 good candidates many of which block the bug before clinical disease sets in. Not much comfort for Dragonslayer today, but good for the future.


Well, I’ve finished the second day of medication, so I’m now in recovery and the remaining doses are to make sure it’s dead


God Bless your recovery

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