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I'm having one of those days

Ever have one of those days where instead of meaningful practice you end up down a rabbit hole of watching other pickers? And then you wonder why bother? I call these guys “Case Closers” because when they start to pick I know I should just put mine in the “case” and “close it.” Anyhoo…how is your day going?


It is a rest day! A welcome change to the regular routine, not that my routine is regular. And I rest my case! :wink:

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Hey Stixx,
Whenever I watch someone play a guitar, I mean really play. Well, I just push those thoughts of discouragement out of my head and say…You know, Banjo Ben use to play EXACTLY like I do now. Once , I was working on a lesson and just struggling with it and getting a little bored practicing the same thing day after day. So I posed the question to the forum if it was a bad idea to add another lesson to my practice, just to make things more interesting. I got some great advice from BanjoBen himself. He said by all means. Have fun… I think that’s the key. This should be fun. I don’t know how long you’ve been trying to learn your instrument of choice, but you sound a little like me. You may not be all that good yet, but you’re better than you were a month ago, a week ago, a day ago.

I just admire other pickers, like Banjo Ben , and say, hey, he use to struggle just like me, but look at him now.



@Stixx3969, I know EXACTLY what you mean…been there, done that, and passed on the t-shirt (I’ve got way too many with that on it already). Anyway, I was in a rut for several days, jumped to another lesson, wallowed in that for a few days and then jumped again…BINGO! Hit a groove again and I’m back to moving along with a tiny bit of confidence. Today was a GOOD DAY for me (and it’s been quite a while since I could say that). I wish you a better tomorrow!


My experience has usually been exactly the opposite. Every time I watch awesome pickers I immediately have to go play my instruments. It always leaves me inspired to play. It’s how I learned Big Country

I get discouraged, too! We are all susceptible! Lots of good advice on this thread. Let’s just have fun and learn together, forget what the prodigies are doing right now :wink:

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Whenever ai feel this way, I consider 3 options for removing the roadblock feeling:

  1. Take your practice down to a real slow speed to concentrate on 100% accuracy and emphasizing the melodic line in the picking. If necessary, make it be a simple song… but a song you are determined to play slowly but expertly.
    REASON: Resists that common frustration of trying to play at increasing speeds. Try to simply enjoy the sound of your instrument.
  2. Choose a brand new song… One you never attempted before.
    REASON: No “expectations” on a totally new chart tab. You will have a sense of progress because it is all new!
  3. Put your instrument down and go listen to some inspirational music on your chosen instrument. Just enjoy the sound
    REASON: An inspirational way to enjoy hearing the sounds of your instrument. Focus on the joy in that sound and the melody. Plus, great players have said that simply listening to the song will have a positive effect on your playing - especially if it is a song you know and have hit the wall on in practice. Listen for the artist’s style and difference in interpretation.

I hope these help you @Stixx3969

Oh… One last one:

  1. Do as you did and share your experiences here on the Forum. It does help to know you aren’t alone with these feelings.