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I'll be back

Hey, great to have you back. So, was the TV the thing you missed the most? I think the internet would be more of a problem for me. Just thinking about the hundreds of emails that were piling up would drive me crazy! Of course 99% of them are spam so what would I really be missing?
I have to say you’ve inspired me to take some time off. Did you do without your cell phone? Radio?

At first I missed the TV but got over it in a couple days. I was still using my computer just not lugged in to the net.

After about 20 days I did end up plugging in a radio for weather reports during a storm, but couldn’t handle listening to it much.

I kept my phone on in case of emergencies but think I only put 10 minutes on it for the month…

What I did was: spent more time outside and with my dog, got more projects done around my place (boy are there a lot of them!), and vastly improved my abilities (for me) on my banjo.

I think I had far more quality itme spent on the average day and will do this again in the future. Thinking on sometime next year.

Time for another vacation form the internet. See you all down the road… :slight_smile:


Have fun - of course we’ll be expecting some brilliant banjo on the next collab :mrgreen:

Stay warm!

Happen to be online singing up for classes in the Fall (Associates in Music/recording technology), and couldn’t resist dripping in to say hi.

Been averaging a bit over 3 hours/day on the 5 string and it is coming along slowly.
Heading down with a friend to jam with Mike Lilly tomorrow (I’ll be picking a borrowed Mando) then on down to TN to visit my friends brother for three days. I’m helping him drive so my only expense will be my food.
Hoping I can get on here at the Hotel this weekend to read up a bit more.
Hope everyone is doing well. I should be back online more soften when school starts in the Fall.

Good to hear from you!

Good to hear from ya, if you are gonna be Nashville way feel free to give me a shout, could always shoot the breeze and have a cool drink down at the Station Inn…my treat.

Welcome back, fiddlewood.

Sounds like you’re signed up for some interesting classes. Be sure to share your newfound knowledge with us.

Jesse, we are over in Rockwood, for a few days then heading back up home Mon. Won’t be hitting Nashville this trip Dagnabit.

Larry, I’ll be taking theory, piano and classical guitar for two semesters for starters. Wish I could swing taking the Bluegrass program ETSU offers but too tied down in MI. Mostly just wanting to come away with some kind of degree to show for the time & money I’ve already spent on college. I’ve racked up 38 credits already and hate to see them all go to waste.

Been raining since we got here and supposed to rain til we leave - must have followed us down :unamused:

Had a great time picking with Mike Lilly at his place. That guy can still flat tear up a 5-string! Mike’s Bass player was there as well as three former bandmates of mine and a fiddler so all I took the easy road and just helped on the singing mostly.

Hi all,

Been quite a time…had to give up the banjo (hurt my right hand somehow playing too much and it never recovered), sold my Rich & taylor and put my Yates on consignment at Elderly.

Seeing as I was in the store for so long I spent 6 hours in the fiddle room there and picked out a nice one. Been playing that for the last month or so and really enjoying it. Hated to give up on the 5-string but it couldn’t be helped.

Hope everyone is doing well and picking regular.


Hi Dave,

That’s bad news about your hand. I am sorry to hear that. I’ll miss hearing your banjo, but I am glad that you can still fiddle. We’ve missed you around here.

We haven’t been doing any netGrass stuff for a while. Maybe we can get a song going for Christmas this year.

It’s good to hear from you!

Hi mike, I’ve not been on kompoz on a while as I wasn’t playing for about 8 months, but have been thinking on it a bit lately.

there is another site up now that does roughly the same thing, called band…something. I got on there but haven’t really figured anything out yet, and they don’t help much on navigating the site at all. just from a cursory glance I’d say kompoz is a much better site, except the other one is all free right now.

hope everyone is doing well.