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I Will Never Buy From The Gen'l Store Again

I know some of you got the secret e-mail with the secret code that got you a special secret at Banjo Ben’s General Store. I got one too.
I am ashamed to admit I took advantage of it while taking advantage of Ben. I got the secret on an item Ben can never do anything secret with…or else his children would starve to death before his eyes. But I did it anyway.
Earlier this week I purchased a Lifetime Gold Pick Membership.
I bought some Banjo Ben strings.
I have purchased everything I need for a lifetime of banjo picking. I do not need one more single item.
I will never shop Banjo Ben’s General Store again.

(Unless I decide I need another banjo.
They say “You can never have too many banjos!”
“They” are often right.:+1:)


I am sure those $40 picks will get your fancy one day:wink:



Hi Joe, If your feeling that much guilt then here’s how you can help @BanjoBen out so his wife & kids never go hungry.

Go tell all your friends what a great guy Ben is and how by shopping at the General Store you’ve saved a lot of cash on your purchases in the Black Friday sale. That should ensure come next Black Friday sale new customers will be flocking to grab a few bargains,.

Let me just say Eagle Music here in the UK had a Black Friday Sale, 5% off almost everything alas the one Item I wanted to purchase they didn’t have in stock. BangHead


No guilt, but sheer pleasure compels me to tell anyone who will listen about Banjo Ben!
If they understand the attraction of “that sound,” then I can usually convince them of Banjo Ben!


Have you ever noticed how some people drive TR-7’s and some people don’t? :wink: