I was featured on Mandolin Mondays!


It was such an honor to be asked by David Benedict to be featured on the Mandolin Mondays video blog, hosted by MandolinCafe.com. I submitted a version of “The Old Rugged Cross” that I’ll be teaching here in a few weeks :wink:


Wonderful playing! Next time scootch to the right or left a bit so viewers can see that big Ben pick on the wall behind you. :wink:


I agree @Danl1, The sign is in the wrong place on the mantelpiece. Pointless being there if no one can see it @BanjoBen


Just step to the right or left a couple steps and you can see it juuussstttt fine :wink:


Really cool, and some great exposure, too!


The head’s a little bit on the BIG side and the EARS kinda get in the way. :rofl::joy::joy::joy:


Loved the ending. I believe you purposely made the harmony notes louder than the melody. The “And exchange it some day for a crown” part. Correct? Very nice touch.


Man, I wish I was that artistic. :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


You are!:+1: