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I Want To Play Like A Girl

I stumbled across this kid and fell in love with her picking! Her videos are generally quite short. I suspect that have ISP issues where they live.

Marteka Lake with her brother, William.
Sally Goodwin 1 minute

Fireball Mail 1:22

The Ballad of Lester & Earl 3:04


Hi Joseph, Marteka is one of my favourite banjo players. I’ve tried to persuade @BanjoBen to invite her and her brother along to the cabin as guests. I haven’t given up hope and pray that it will happen someday.


As usual, I’m late to the party.
I understand there’s a hot new talent out there with a brand new sound. His name is Bill Monroe and I think he’s from the South somewhere. Real strange music with no drummer in the band. Imagine that, no drummer! How can they keep time?


I am digging and curious about William’s right hand technique. I am curious as to the upper limits of it, but I really like the tone for rhythm and the punctuated bass lines. If he was any more relaxed, he’d drop to the floor.


Hi @Mike_R I think both of them have studied Flatt & Scruggs in great detail. Lester had that laid back look and William emulates it well. I think William is using a thumb and single finger pick on his index finger. I believe Lester did as well.

My only criticism is the softness of Williams vocals. He doesn’t quite have the volume maybe that will change once he pass through puberty and his voice breaks.


There’s also the mic to consider. They’re probably using a built-in condenser mic, which is fine for general recording, but it treats all sound the same.
Mixing live music is part science, part art, some magic and a touch of luck.

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You could be right Joseph.


WOW they sure can play! They both looked pretty laid back. Very relaxed and precise. Thems sum good pickers rite there ! :sunglasses: