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I need some help!

Although I am slightly more than a beginner, my church worship team asked me to play the banjo part of the song below.
I think I have the banjo roll patter for the fist part (4-2-3-2)? but it changes up later in the song. If someone could take a listen and give me some advice on the couple of roll patters used, I would be very grateful.
Blessings for a great holiday season to you all.
Don, Hope Idaho
Here is a link to the song.

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Is this it and does this work?

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Hi Don Welcome to the Forum… @BanjoBen created this lesson 7 years ago.


Hello David. Sorry, I guess the link did not work. I will try again. Thank you. Don

Hi ,

Sure the link I put up works and that was all I could do to help progress it at the time. Not my instrument just saw your request come up whilst practicing. Thanks for response to PM.

Appreciate you calling it to my attention.

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Hello Archie
Thank you for calling this to my attention. Problem is, the Worship team wants the banjo played as it is on the Hillsong recording.

Hi Don, From the lesson TAB you can compare the chord progression and work out a roll pattern from that. Neither of the two links you posted work for me on this side of the pond so I can’t help. Maybe @BanjoBen or @Mark_Rocka are free to assist

I will definitely give it a try. Sorry the links don’t work for you. If interested in hearing you might try a google of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Tidings) by Hillsong on their Christmas album”
Thanks again, Don

Hey Don! Hope this video helps. One thing I forgot to mention in the video is that the picking pattern (which is 4 3 2 3) will require you to pick the second string with your middle finger. So T I M I is your picking hand fingering pattern.


Hello Mark. Wow, I never expected to receive such a personal response. I can’t tell you how much this helps me, a blessing for sure.
I wish there was something I could do in return other than expressing my gratitude.
Hope, Idaho


You bet, Don! I’m glad I had the time. Things have been really busy lately, so I actually enjoy being able to sit down and do a little music now and then. This was the first excuse I’ve had to pick up my banjo in over a month. I’m feeling a little guilty for ignoring my Twanger like that. :grimacing: