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I need some help, y'all

Howdy, I need some help from folks that have purchased from and are satisfied with the General Store. Would you be willing to record a short video testimonial and send it to me? It would be used on a landing page or checkout page. Let me know, please :wink:

Something like the mandolin video I did way back when, or more generic, like shipping speed, customer service, etc?

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I’d love to. What Mark asked?

Yes, more generic. These vids would be posted on the checkout page to give folks confidence in buying online from a couple weird rednecks like Jake and me.


By “short”, would you prefer under ~10-15 seconds? (Working on a brief monologue)

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I think so, I’m supposed to get final format and details from my marketing guy soon, but looking for volunteers here first.

Should we be holding the instruments we bought, or just talk to the camera?

Either works, but you can keep it pretty short. Thanks!

Oh shoot. Then that video I sent you was WAY too long. It’s 1:07.

Your video was fine because it was action-packed!

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Whew! I was worried the land speeder monster truck jump was too over-the-top.


I think I might have missed what Ben was looking for… I sent a vid and he responded to what I said in my video. I can see him driving down the road and getting a video from me and thinking, “Why is Mike sending me a video about a ukulele!?!”
Crazy Mike :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Can I see the videos y’all sent to get an idea of format and content?

I sent mine to him in iMessage.

Mine was similar. I already deleted it from my phone.

Ok, so, under 30 seconds, fairly general content about shipping speed, ease of shopping, arrival conditions?

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Sounds good, yep!

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I don’t know how I missed this post. @BanjoBen do you still need more videos?

Sure, I’d love it!