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I need help with practice structure

Hey Ben and the Gang,
As I have stated before my practice regimen is like that of a fly in the lamp shade. Can Ben or anyone offer a more structured routine for getting the most out of my practice time? I enjoy the site very much but I wish the videos and practice routines were organized in such as way as I could start here and work my way to there. Unless I am possibly using the site incorrectly. As it stands I am jumping around from lick to lick or from here to there but I’m not sure if that’s really what I should be concentrating on. It’s all based on what sounds cool but is that really where I need to be, or is this all part of the learning process?
For instance should I spend 20 mins on Roll studies, 20 Mins on Licks, 20 mins on the neck, 20 mins on songs etc? BTW, those times are arbitrary but you get the point.

Thanks guys and gals!

did you check this thread out yet? Ben has a suggested routine in his post.

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Thanks! Very helpful.

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