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I’m Missing My Mandolin…AGAIN!

About a year ago I left Wisconsin for a couple of weeks to go scuba diving in Key Largo, FL. I had just started getting serious (after 30 years of playing AT the mandolin) about learning HOW to play the mandolin so I brought it with me. This time I chose not to since within a few days of getting home (end of this week) my wife and I are going to Italy for 3 weeks and I won’t be bringing the mandolin then either. Suffice it to say I am having mandolin withdrawals, especially after seeing that @BanjoBen has posted a cool lesson about jammin’ in A! Well, I can watch the videos and pretend I have my mandolin to practice with. Alas, after we return in late July I have a month long (once a week) bluegrass jam class I’m attending at a local music store. I’m hoping to make some friends there that I can jam with periodically. But for now…can someone do a little extra practice for me? Ahh, I feel better now…LoL