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I’ll Fly Away

Hi, Mr. Clark. I stumbled on part of a video you did for I’ll Fly Away on mando the other day, and noticed it wasn’t up on this site, (unless I’m just missing something). Is there any particular reason it isn’t here any more?

That is a song that is not in the public domain as of yet (at least as recently as a few years ago). I suspect Ben is working on an agreement for that one. Those agreements apparently take a lot of time to work out.

Yeah, if I’m not mistaken, Ben has already worked something up for all 3 instruments, but he took them down because they’re still covered under copyright law. If you’re a gold pick member, Ben might be willing to email you something.

Yep, I had to remove it. Sorry about that! Shoot me an email through the contact form on the site:

That’s what I figured. Thank you for your reply!