I just went insane today at the General Store, bought guitar and mando


I tilt my @BanjoBen cap to you, @maggie.williams1 I abandoned my wife in a shop 40 years ago after visiting 20 shops. She wanted a new winter coat but couldn’t make up her mind. So frustrated I took the kids back to the car and we waited an hour. When she finally got to the car she said she’d bought the first coat we looked at. The one I said looked great on her. Needless to say I have never been clothes shopping with her since.


Cool those are good instruments that won’t break the bank (especially compared to your rk76 elite) maybe in two or three months you can do a progress report video


Why not? Playing an instrument would be a better thing to do than read the newspaper :wink: :joy:


Steve Martin did something like that to take his playing to the next level. When he was asked to record FMB with a group of elites, he made practicing the banjo extremely convenient for himself.


Video??? I’m shy :flushed:


Oh I would so do that if I could afford it. Pretty tapped out now.


Hi @maggie.williams1 Let me tell you a little secret, we are all kinda shy the first time we recorded ourselves. The fear is within and the longer you hold onto that fear the more difficult it will be for you in the end. Best to get it over and done with.

Think of it this way, your recording yourself in the privacy of your own home. You are the first person to view the video, your the person who decides whether to share it on not.

If your worried about making mistakes then don’t, every video I’ve posted to YouTube and here on the forum has a mistake. Even Earl Scruggs is know to have made mistakes on camera.


Yeah, I know and you’re right. That all sounds good on the surface. I’m still shy.

But I’m working on it.


Good. I look forward to seeing your first vid.


Have someone film you while your not looking :wink:


I have a relevant picture, but it’s best I do not share it.


Did you see Car Pool Karaoke with Paul McCartney?

He admitted to jamming in the bathroom for the acoustics - and that everything sounded so much better in there…

… and there you have it!


Hi @WillCoop1 I used to do that as a kid, back then I played harmonica and accordion. The girl next door used to sing all the Connie Frances songs in there bathroom. everyone passing by would stop to listen she was such a good singer. I don’t think she even realised folks could hear her. And before you ask, the bathroom was on an upper floor.:rofl:


What a wonderful story @Archie - I think you know me by now… stories of pure inspiration (girl singing… and she was unaware of anybody bothering to noticed) - but then, they DID notice! Neither aware of the other. Seems poetic…

To the girl… just singing for singing sake. For her “fans”, perhaps a voice without a face… of perhaps they knew her… but because of her “singing venue” - they could only enjoy the sound, the voice, the singing.

I want to believe she sang for the rest of her life… and hopefully for others to appreciate… perhaps in a chorus or a church.

I am reminded of two of my favorite cinematic scenes…

  1. Shawshank Redemption - when Andy receives the albums for the prison library and he selects one record, locks himself in the Warden’s office, and breaks rules to broadcast over P.A. for the whole yard to enjoy… if only for a few, brief moments. The looks on the prisoners faces… remember?

  2. Saving Private Ryan… the “calm before the storm” scene just before the final battle… they listen to the French Record… parts of which were translated by the linguistic soldier. Each soldier reminiscing about their homes… their lives…

Of course, the amazing Deliverance scene also comes to mind too… having lost Burt so recently.

I am sure there are hundreds of other “musical moment stories” in cinema that others could name… and more importantly, in real life.

Sounds like another nice topic…

Thanks for the memory story, @Archie!!!


Funny how little unimportant events in your life pop into your head nearly sixty years on.



Everything arrived last Friday, but I was travelling and just got back last night. As I expected, it was all packed well and everything was in great shape. I tuned them all up and went over to my uncle’s house today to jam. Just a side note, I also got a nice hardshell dreadnought case that @Jake recommended for my uncle’s 1943 Martin d18 to replace his old beat up ratty softshell case. He loved it.

Uncle tried my new Recording King “0” Dirty 30s guitar and he was blown away by how good it sounded. “That’s a $1000+ guitar” said he. He messed around with it for for some time on Tennessee Stud, Six White Horses, The Black Fly song, and Little Cabin Home (all songs I need to learn on banjo). I was surprised too at how well it sounded so I’m encouraged. The neatest part though was when my 12 year cousin happened to come by and saw and heard the guitar and she showed some interest. I put it in her lap and it fit her perfectly and she mustered up the slightest of smiles.

My KM-150 is gorgeous. It sounds great; I think. I don’t really have anything to compare it with and this is the first mandolin I’ve ever touched, so… there’s that. I skipped the first mando lessons and started learning Arkansas Traveler late last night so I could try that with my Uncle. Sorry @BanjoBen Ben, I couldn’t help it. I’m going to Seattle for two weeks and I’m taking the mandolin. I’m going to start from the beginning of the beginner track and do it right, I promise. Just call me Miss Beginner McBeginnerston.

The plucky is just the cutest thing; I was surprised at how easy it was to play. Uncle and I knocked out a couple songs together. Hey @BanjoBen Ben, your Wayfaring Stranger sounds fantastic on the plucky. I probably won’t start playing the cigar box uke for awhile, so it’ll look great on the wall til then; it sure is pretty.

Oh, and the hat looks and feels well worn and aged; just the way I like it.

Thanks for all you do guys.


Excellent, glad to hear it!


Great report! Can’t wait to see some video of you playing all of your new toys.


I echo @Mark_Rocka 's remarks. Sounds as though you have your own little jam group @Maggie that will surely speed your progress.


I’m happy for you Maggie!!! Enjoy

Let's see em!