I just went insane today at the General Store, bought guitar and mando


I had been considering this move for several days now and this morning, I bolted into action. I first called @Jake and told him what I was thinking and to get his advice and recommendations. You see, I play banjo. But, I’ve had this strange urge to take on guitar or mandolin, couldn’t decide which though.

So, I went insane. I bought a beginner level guitar AND a mandolin. But wait, that wasn’t insane enough, so I also picked up the Goldtone Plucky Banjo AND the Eddy Finn Cigar Box Ukulele. I figured if I don’t do anything with the Uke, it’ll look good hanging on a wall.

Boy howdy, what was I thinking??? I told Jake, and um… myself, and my Aunt and Uncle who already think I’m nuts, that if I don’t purse these new instruments, we’ll have today’s buys in the family for my little cousins (my Aunt and Uncle’s grandkids), in case they get interested in them. On the other hand, I can learn with these and if I do want to purse them more seriously, I can upgrade and we’ll have today’s buys in the family for my little cousins (my Aunt and Uncle’s grandkids), you know, in case they get interested in them. So, that’s what I told everyone… and myself. That sounds reasonable, right? I mean… yeah, that makes sense, kinda.

Oh and I also bought a hat.


After I read my post, I feel compelled to to clarify that I am a semi-retired adult. So… there’s that…


So, @BanjoBen, or any of you have advice for someone wanting to learn multiple instruments at the same time?


Being semi-retired will help. What you might want to do is find songs that Ben has made lessons for all 3 instruments on. That way you’ll already be familiar with the tune for the 2nd and 3rd instrument.

Personally, I can’t even keep up with just Ben’s banjo lessons. I need to hurry up and semi-retire. :slight_smile:

Congrats on your orchestra!


By clarifying I’m a semi-retired adult, I was really claiming to not be a child, because that’s how my post reads and my actions today seem quite childish to to me, so I figured they probably did to others as well.

But, I know what you mean Mark about keeping up with the lessons. I still have a long way to go on the banjo. Eh, I’m probably making a mistake. Won’t be my first.


You are not alone! I too have too many instruments. I enjoy the variety. The only instruments that I haven’t learned enough on to be happy are harmonicas. And even those have come in handy. May as well explain that… I once got a request to play “Amazing Grace” on harmonica for a vet’s funeral that was a couple days later. I did the Neil Young kind of neck brace and played guitar with it (and we sang a couple verses as well). I found out after the funeral that the gentleman who had died had picked up harmonica in WWII, and Amazing Grace was his favorite thing to play. So my point is… you never know when you will have a “need” for a particular instrument. Worst case, if you don’t like a particular instrument… sell it or give it to someone.

BTW, give uke a chance. It is seriously difficult to be unhappy when playing a uke. It is easy to pick up and difficult to put down.

Sounds like a crazy fun day. Merry early Christmas!


Thanks for that; I feel better :slight_smile:


Congrats on the guitar and Mango. Welcome to the Mando community. What Mando did you get?


I play Banjo and Mandolin. I played (electric) guitar many years ago.


I’m also wondering, which guitar and mando did you get?

Wow I didn’t see exotic fruit on the purchase list :wink:


Oh Dear ! @maggie.williams1 You did not heed my warning about being careful what you wish for.

And NEVER EVER ask a SALESMAN for advice. They will sell you the shirt on YOUR back!

I hope your prepared for this…



I was going to start with the Loar 310F, but after talking with Jake, who said it was a fine mando, I went with the Kentucky 150A. He said sound quality would be very similar to the KM650 at less than half the price (A vs F style).


Hey K_G, I got the KM 150A mando and the Recording King single “0” Dirty 30s. It’s small size should be fine for me to start off on and learn and decide if I want to go further with guitar. I also figured it would be a good starting guitar for my 12 year old cousin if I can get her interested in taking it up next year. Fingers crossed.


Oh dear indeed. My uncle said pretty much the same thing. Although, I know he learned a couple songs on mandolin back in the day, so I have a feeling he will want to “borrow” my mando to see if can still play them. We’ll see.

I’m usually such a disciplined shopper. In fact, I really hate shopping in general. So yeah, I really splurged in the last couple of weeks and yet I can’t bring myself to buy a $140 capo. Go figure.

Cute video.


@maggie.williams1 I’ve yet to meet a lady that’s a disciplined shopper, or indeed one that hate’s shopping. My wife, daughters and granddaughters can’t seem to walk past a shop without wanting to go in and buy something, anything.

Beats me what the attraction is, what’s more they hardly ever wear the things they buy. They just hang them in their closet and say I have nothing to wear. Sound familiar guys?


Sounds like some guys I am familiar with. I know one guy really well, uhm hmmm… cough, cough; that has instruments in about every room that isn’t a bathroom or a kitchen. I know another person (not me) that has a 3000 square foot shop with many, many duplicates of tools (like hundreds of the same size bits and dozens of drill drivers and torque wrenches). I know another guy (again, not me) who sold all his 401k and bought a few safes worth of guns. And yes, I knew a guy real well that was working minimum wage as a teen, saving all his money and collecting Nike shoes. We people are crazy.


Thank you for your support of the store, @maggie.williams1! As far as learning, there’s not a tried and true method for multiple instruments, except to try and spend a little time each day on the instruments you want to learn, even it it’s 3-5 minutes.


Well you’ve met one now Archie. I truly despise shopping. I try to do what I can on line. If I have go to a store, I go to get what I need only. No dawdling. I get in and get out as quickly as I can. I’ve got better things to be doing than wasting time shopping. This of course infuriates my six aunt’s who love it so.

I’m with you. It beats me what the attraction is.


Darned auto-correct!

I can’t banana I did that! Lol


I tilt my @BanjoBen cap to you, @maggie.williams1 I abandoned my wife in a shop 40 years ago after visiting 20 shops. She wanted a new winter coat but couldn’t make up her mind. So frustrated I took the kids back to the car and we waited an hour. When she finally got to the car she said she’d bought the first coat we looked at. The one I said looked great on her. Needless to say I have never been clothes shopping with her since.