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I Just Wanted You To Know tab

Can anyone tell me the chords/key to I Just Wanted You To Know on the Purple Hulls cd? Was riding my bike tonight and sweating and pedaling and it came on my iPod and I was reminded I want to try to play it on Banjo and Dobro. I’m learning but want to try this one. Thanks all

Hi Bobby, The song kicks off in the Key of E there after there seems to be several key changes that I don’t recognise. This is one for @BanjoBen to answer

Thanks Archie. It may end up well ahead of my playing but after a long break it’s time lol. Appreciate any help.

It’s only 5 chords, really, so not so bad. I’ll post a vid soon.

Check this out, @bobskart:


Ben many thanks. Gonna start working on it today and see where it goes. Can you explain a couple quick things: when you say a G over F chord type wording what does that mean, and the ending…what is that quick set of chords to end?
Thanks and can’t wait for my order to arrive…time to rep the Banjo Ben gear here in Vegas!!

Thanks for your support of the store!

Play an F chord like normal except use your pinky where your ring normally goes, then put your ring finger down on the 3rd fret of the low E string to make a G note.

For the tag, starting on the syllable XAC in the word exactly, the chords are (with a capo):

Bmin Amin C D G

Many thanks. Here goes.