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I don't want my credit card stored on your website how do I remove it?

I don’t want my credit card stored on your website how do I remove it? I don’t recall giving you permission to store it - you seem to have done so automatically after my first purchase.

Hey @bluegrasstrain, I don’t personally store any payment information…too much liability for this ol’ boy. However, your browser may store your payment info so that it autofills the info when you purchase again. But again, I don’t have your purchase information. When you enter it on my site, the transaction is made/stored by a large payment processor called Stripe that handles many thousands of large businesses’ transactions. They keep it all encrypted so I’m not liable for any info.


We trust you, Ben! :wink:

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hmm… pulling up credit card info sounds dangerous. I recently used a junk car site, which I had never visited before, to schedule a car pick up. It pulled all my name, address details etc. which I didn’t like either.

The site is not “pulling up your info”. You browser has a setting on your computer to store your payment info to make checking out faster. If you don’t like it, you can turn that off you on your computer, but it poses no risk. Just because it populates the fields doesn’t mean the site can “see” it.


I see what you are saying… I apologize I miscommunicated it…

I see an autofill in ie internet options->content but that seems to fill up when you had visited a page and had typed in before. not sure what setting made it auto fill for a fresh website in my case.

Most web sites name the fields on their forms similarly. For example, The First Name field is most often named “First_Name” (or something like that) in the code. Your browser stores YOUR name to associate it with the First_Name field when it sees it in a web page form.

And just to make sure you know, Internet Explorer isn’t really supported by Microsoft any more. It’s becoming more and more dangerous to surf the web with it. You might want to consider switching to something safer. Google Chrome is generally the fastest, but if you don’t want Google knowing your business, you can use FireFox. If you’re REALLY serious about keeping things confidential, you can try Brave. It’s the least compatible of those browsers, though.

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That sounds sneaky. Wonder how such application pass through audit or scrutiny. Say Vendor A (browser developer) captures data and keep it in your computer for your improved performance! Now benami company B comes and collects your data. IMO, vendor A should be held accountable.

And thanks for the suggestions! Yeah Microsoft is giving me notifications on IE as well as to backup data and possibly switch to windows 10 as they are going to discontinue support for Windows 7 from Jan 1st. I use Chrome a little bit but I have firefox too. I will probably switch to firefox and use Chrome sparingly. I’ll check out Brave.

But other than some financial data security, I would think being transparent can be the most confidential thing nowadays!

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