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I don't need no stinking middle finger

This guy does better with two than I do with three. But given the issues I’ve been having with my middle finger it does give a guy hope!



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I was looking at two finger videos just curious given my hand issues of late and came across this. Proves anything is possible.

So does this method make every roll a forward roll, backward roll, or alternating roll?

I don’t know, but I bet that guy can pinch really hard.


Tom Adams suffers from focal dystonia in his middle finger and he has had to adapt his playing too.

I’ve wondered if that is my issue. My middle finger has curled up and under when I’m playing. No major pain but just curls and doesn’t want to work despite my brains prodding. I haven’t mentioned it because it seemed too far fetched.

Check with your doctor

Yeah I got an appointment. Thanks.

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I bet that he might have a decent slider but couldn’t throw a curve if his life depended on it.


Why did you make me laugh at that?? :rofl::rofl: