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I am looking for Sally Gooding tab

hi everyone,

I am looking for tablature for Sally Goodin, banjo key of A. Does this exist somewhere?

Thanks to all

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I don’t know how much this is worth, but I found this page that claims to have some tab.

So I pulled that Tabrite tab into TablEdit and converted it, set the tempo faster and added the capo at the second fret.

No idea if this is even close, but here you go.

sally_goodin.tef (3.2 KB)

Banjo Newsletter has some tab available for Sally Goodin’ put together by Tom Adams. It’s only 2 bucks if you don’t have a subscription.

I learned it from a wonderful book by Dennis Caplinger called, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Bluegrass Banjo Favorites. It comes with a CD that lays it out in two speeds and with backing track.


Classic version in the Scruggs book.


@mharrison43 That’s the one I committed to memory anyway.

Try Jack Baker over on the Banjo Hangout, Jack has Tabbed out quite a lot of Scruggs tunes from recordings.