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Humidity for Your Instrument

So, I checked the humidity in the room I usually practice in with my digital hygrometer. It was 42, which is too low. (I’ve read it should be between 47 and 57.

So I added distilled water to my humidifier and fired it up. Just for reference, I live in central NC.

It’s that time of year, so it may be a good time for everyone to check on this.

This question came up earlier this year and yes it gave me concern so I purchased a hydrometer and have been treating my Banjo to a constant 50 percent humidity. Although my house can very from 18 to the mid 40s wich makes me like an old dried out piece of beef jerky my instrument is treated like a prized piece of art. (and it is) :sunglasses:

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Good thought Jack!

FWIW, I don’t worry about it until it drops below about 35. That’s when I see changes in the way they play. Of course, keeping a tighter handle is “more better” so I am not saying you shouldn’t keep it where you want it.

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