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Huber Strap

As most of you already I have a Huber Workhorse on the way. When I called Steve Huber to get serial # info he was so great and was willing to take time to chat with me. I felt bad that he would make no money off the sale. Since I have never really been happy with the various straps I have had up to now I decided to buy a strap from Steve just as a thanks for helping me out and boy am I glad I did. Up until know the various straps I have never really felt right. I might get the length adjusted but then the width was always too much and felt like I was wearing a parachute harness. They were so clumsy and uncomfortable that I just wouldn’t use them. That led to a lot of other bad habits. I just put my Huber strap on today on my current banjo and wow! What a difference. The length is perfect the width as well. The is the first strap I have been able to run around the heel of the neck. Not only does it support the weight perfectly but it also maintains the proper playing angle and all while be quite comfortable. If you are looking for a strap I can’t recommend them enough. Steve has them hand made from an Amish gentleman. Great quality. I can actually use a strap again! Hooray!