Huber Shop Visit


I went up to Huber’s shop today and talked with Steve about…a new banjo. DUM DUM DUMMMMM. More details later :slight_smile:



And it’s all y’alls’ fault, with your buying banjos and whatnot!


Steve’s checks to all of us will be in the mail soon. #wearethemole


Still waiting on my Workhorse I bought from a private seller. It was supposed to come today, so naturally It didn’t. Probably tomorrow. I hope…


You have a tracking number, right?


Oh yeah and it’s insured. It’s on the way and it was an “estimated” delivery date. I’m sure I’ll get it tomorrow.


This banjo buying fever is worse than the flu, and the vaccine isn’t 100 percent effective. Personally, I’d make a big pot of coffee, send the wife away, and spend the day getting acquainted with the banjo. Getting a banjo in the mail - man, that is the best.


I really love my banjo and haven’t thought too much about buying another. I think its one person and one banjo together for life. I think thats in the Bible, right?


In the Greek it literally says: the player of one banjo. It just means not to try to play more than one at the SAME time, like some did in the 1st century Roman world. You can own as many as you want, though. Selah.


I have no comeback. Lol


I did want say that I would probably have banjo fever as well if I had not spend a pillow case full of dollars on a reproduction 1853 Enfield Rifled Musket. I’m very excited about that. It makes a different kind of music that many people enjoy.


My new Huber VRB75 custom is in Steve’s office now ready to be set up and shipped this week. Very excited about this banjo. My retirement present to myself. I have had several other name brand banjos but this one seems to fit the bill for everything I ever wanted in a banjo. Don’t think I will be disappointed.