Howdy Folks, Jake Here


I just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I’ve been involved in the music business in some form or another for most of my life. I am a factory certified luthier by most major manufacturers and I worked at a company called Janet Davis Music for the better part of a decade. During that time I set-up and shipped out many, many instruments over the years and met a lot of great people. I am also, like all of you, a very enthused picker on a personal level. And I am now fortunate enough to have been selected by Banjo Ben to head up his General Store. The selection process was a long and rigorous one, involving many middle aged gauntlet themed trials culminating in a 3 day face off with a dragon (I’m pretty sure it was just a bovine in a costume) but I prevailed and I’m glad for it.

All joking aside though, Ben and I are excited to begin to offer instruments and accessories to meet every musical need a picker may have. In the coming months you will see the General Store grow, offering more and more while providing the best service available. In the meantime, if there are any questions or inquiries you may have, please feel free to reach out to us because there is much inventory we have that is not yet listed on the website. So just contact us on here, shoot an email, call on the phone, tie a letter to a pigeons foot, or whatever method you prefer.

Thanks everybody, I look forward to getting to know you all.


Hi, Jake. Bye, Jake.


I’ve seen the video. I have concerns. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, though, nice to meet you, Jake. Looking forward to more of your hilarity!


Jake shipped my RB250 with great expertise and gave me lots of cool nuggets of information about Banjos in general. We are all in good hands with this guy around (…still trying to make up for giving @BanjoBen and @Mark_Rocka heart palpitations about the cereal packaging post I made :neutral_face:)


Haha, I hear you on your concerns. But we’ve made improvements since that video, such as the switch from Coca Puffs to Rice Crispy Cereal. This fills the empty space more efficiently and is less aromatic thus minimizing the instances where squirrels invade the warehouses and chew through the boxes. And we’ve started throwing the box right into the rapids, instead of the calm water, in order to make better time. Our research and development team never rests in providing the best service available, so rest assured.

Haha, seriously though, its my privilege to be here.

Highly Disappointed

Haha, cracked me up.


So, the store is in Washburn , Mo? I am from Marshall, Mo. I have family in Springfield and Branson. Perhaps I’ll get to visit someday.


Welcome to Ben’s Den Jake. A word of caution. You need to be mighty careful around his pickin cabin, I here tell he has some strange lookin kinfolk lurkin around the cabin from time to time. Although having said that we haven’t seen a whole lot of them of late. Ben keeps saying he’s way too busy to invite them over to pick but I think he is plumb feared he might just scare off the new gold pick members. :guitar::cowboy_hat_face:


Did you get River Express Shipping too? Hoping there were no holes in the saggy, wet (bottom) box. :slight_smile:


The Mullet-Monster is my personal fav… which reminds me to tell me… TAKE COVER - INCOMING!


How did @BanjoBen get you away from Janet Davis? Hit you over the head and throw you in a sack like a squirrel?

Or did they have to let you go because your wild and progressive ways and packing and shipping was just too far ahead of the times?

PS: You need to make company shirts that say, “Get out of here box!” My favorite quote in the whole video.


Actually, that is exactly what happened. Except, I didn’t go in the sack like a squirrel…more like a water buffalo. Haha, glad you liked our “shipping” video.


Can we add a weather forecast on the website? I am thinking I’d want to order stuff right before a big storm so I get super-duper fast shipping.


Tornados are one thing… but imagine a Hurricane? That there is overnight shipping to @Archie


If the shipping cost’s to the UK weren’t so high and I didn’t encounter import duty, value added tax and handling charges I might be inclined to place an order.

It’s a bummer living this side of the pond.


Hi Jake
I got my stuff today! I can’t believe how fast you get it here! Thanks!!!


Must have been bad storms in the area. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Good to hear. Thanks so much!


I just placed an order Jake so wake up from under the tool bench. I want to see my package floating down the creek with you throwing rocks after it! :slight_smile:


Thanks Jake! Got my strings and new thumb pic, much appreciated. What a difference that Bluechip makes!