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How we all doing in isolation?

I was having a short period of me time inbetween everything and doodling on my banjo, and I thought to myself I haven’t written a song for ages let alone one featuring the banjo. So I’ve started writing a little country/bluegrass number fitting for the situation we are all in at the moment.
Not sure how it’s going to turn out but if it developes I’ll post it up for everyone to have a listen.

So what’s the rest of you guys and gals doing to keep your spirits up?


For me… Reading, Bible Study, some movies… Music - listening and playing

Monitoring the outside world but respecting self-quarantine.


I telework now—meetings and analyses on my computer, so not much different—just very quiet and isolated. Instead of breaks conversing with neighboring workers, I keep my banjo nearby on a wall hook and pick out some notes for a few minutes. Glad I have that—I find it does help my psyche. Oh, and every once in a while (when my wife tells me she’s tired of my manly aroma) I get a shower. :slight_smile:


Thankful for being a nurse and getting to go to work. Praying for all those out of work get to go back soon. I am not on the front lines anymore but have been very busy assisting as I can the people that are. Lots of researching and educating the latest cdc recommendations and gently correcting faulty info.
I am not an early morning person and am getting to be to work for 8am meetings every day…I usually go in 9-10 and stay til about 6. Its amazing what an hour earlier does! Especially shortly after springing ahead!
Am also thankful for it lighter later in the evenings. Have some neighbor kids who come over when i get home to get my dog and me to go outside and play around for awhile. Best part of my day! :blush: (Never was blessed with my own family)
Also, studying for a certification test I will be taking in July. Not much time for banjo practicing right now :confused:
But a little when I can!


Thanks for what you do! We all appreciate it more now than ever.


I’m hardly more isolated than I have been for the last Six months…been that way for the cold season for several years now.

Not having a friend over for coffee once every couple of weeks though now, and not getting my monthly pizza takeout, but otherwise things are the same.

I play music and read a lot, spend time with the dog, moderate here on the forum, and belong to two other forums…

Took a “country fiddle 101” workshop online from Justin Branum last night (2md workshop of Justin’s I’ve taken). Been working a lot on old trad country/grass type stuff and some swing. Currently working on intros breaks & backup in two keys for “Wild Side of Life” (I didn’t know God made honky tonk angels, Great Speckled Bird, Thinking Tonight of my Blue Eyes, etc)

Just got two fiddle breaks off Steve Earl’s version of Heavy Traffic Ahead figured out form YouTube and am trying to get them smoothed out and speeded up.

Bought 7 new albums to listen to 3 Sideline, 3 Junior Sisk, and a Blue Moon Rising album I was missing.


Have to second that, we are all so greatful for the work you are doing at this turbulent time. :pray::+1:


Nothing has changed for me. I drive a truck. Still working 12 plus hours a day. Pick a little in the evening. I can’t see where traffic is any lighter, it’s like there’s no pandemic around here. Other than restaurants being closed and empty grocery shelves.


I am just about coping, You know what it’s like, I am sitting here by my computer with a glass of single malt in my hand having the best time, playing my banjo, taking in one of @BanjoBen 's lessons whilst keeping one eye on the forum. Am I going stir crazy?. No far from it.

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Man… I am impressed with your productivity…

Dave, I don’t know if you are a fan of progressive Bluegrass but seeing as you are on the west side of the State, have you ever considered the Greensky Bluegrass camping?

I soooo wish I could go… Billy Strings and all the other artists… Plus GSBG aside the campfire. WOW!

Nope…very little interest in that style of finger wiggling

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@lonewolf223 where are you at? I went to the ‘big city’ of Bozeman…which is the fastest growing city inMT and is always busy Tuesday. It qas like the good ol’ days back in the 80’s and 90’s when I lived there. Things were quiet!