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How to store a lesson OFF line

Hi Folks,

Each lesson I pull up on the site, it has a little addendum “click here to store lesson OFF Line”.

I have tried that numerous times and it says my computer or browser or something isn’t compatible.

I have Windows 10 and I have Chrome and IE/Edge on it.

Can someone help me as I lack the Computer-ese to do this and I would like to store lessons OFF line.




Unfortunately it’s probably not you. That feature has been buggy since the beginning.

One thing you can try is logging off of the site and deleting all of your browser history. In chrome, make sure you select the option to delete ALL history and not just the past day / week / month. Then log back in to the site and see if you can store the lessons.

If it works, it will take a while. It has to download the entire video series to your device, which will be several GBs of data. You’ll also need to make sure your device has enough storage space for that.

Hey, Thanks for the reply.

I will try that tonight. I have a T Byte of storage on my computer, and I have only used 15 GB of it, so I think I have plenty left to put some stuff on it.

I am not sure all what I will download, but the mandolin finding in any key video for sure.

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I just tried that lesson on my MacBook. It didn’t work in Chrome. Said I need a browser that supports the feature. So I tried it in Safari. That worked. It took about 2 minutes to download it all, but once it was done, the button that said “Store Lesson Offline” changed to say “Downloaded”

If Chrome and MS Edge don’t work for you, try Internet Explorer. If you have Windows 10, you’ll have to use your search bar and type “Internet Explorer” to open it. MS really wants you using Edge now rather than IE, but I’ve found several sites that still function better with IE.


Thank you for this info, I will try it. Never heard of Safari. Is that something you can get from IE?

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Hi Dean

Safari like Internet Explorer is a Web Browser search YouTube for tutorials and how to download & install. The layout is a little different to IE but you will soon figure out how to use it. If you come unstuck you’ll always find a fix on YouTube or search for the Safari Forum to post your queries.

If your using a PC I’d go for Google Chrome. I am a big fan of IE but I hate MS Edge so I use now use Chrome. Once installed make it your default browser.

Just so you know Internet Explorer is no longer supported by MS and many website are no longer accessible with IE.

As a footnote to your query. I never download lessons to view offline. So I can’t offer any guidance on that feature.


Apple hasn’t made Safari for Windows in years. Even if you could find a download, I wouldn’t trust it.

I’d try MS Edge and Internet Explorer first.