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How to sell a Deering GDL?

Hi, guys - I’m a guitarist, so please bear with me! :wink:

My father-in-law died recently, and the family have tasked me with selling his beautiful Deering GDL banjo. I don’t know where to begin, as it doesn’t seem right to go down the eBay route…

Can anyone help point me in the right direction of how to go about selling this highly specialised instrument?

Many thanks!

Rob Fawcett


That is one special, high end instrument.
Maybe Ben could work out a consignment deal with you?


Sorry for your loss.

The best option is to find someone for whom HIS instrument would hold special value. You could always post it in the swap shop here. I have NO idea of the value, but a rule of thumb for many instruments (that seems to work pretty well) is for an excellent condition one, price it at half the current new retail. If the type of instrument isn’t marked down, that could move the number higher (as could options and such). So for instance, it looks like Deering has them listed at $6999, so a starting guess would be about $3500. If they don’t typically get marked down much, maybe 4 or 4.5k. You could check banjo forum sites and reverb for any others to see what they are going for (or have in the past). Again, I know nothing about that instrument in particular, so use what I provided as a generic starting point for pricing.


You could check out the Banjo HangOut classifieds; that’s where I bought my banjo.


Yep, I’d list it there, as well as eBay and local sites.


there are probably a lot of people on Banjo Hangout that could give you the value of it also


Along with what others have said, I think I would give Gruhn Guitars in Nashville or Elderly Intstuments in Lansing, MI a call. They may be able to give you a proper appraisal and you may even want to consider consigning to either of these stores. Both really know their stuff and will take very good care of your banjo for you. An instrument this special and of this value, I believe would be worth taking these steps.

I would also, as Banjoe mentioned, give Ben a try… send him a message.

I looked on Reverb (a well respected site that anyone can sell musical instruments and gear) and there was only one like yours… an 80’s model for over 5300.00.

Right now is a great time to sell as all the builders are way, way behind because of covid and folks are spending their stimulus $$$!

Good luck and sorry to hear of your loss.


As to Gruhn & Elderly

Not the way I’d go…been there, done that…lost my T-shirt…'nuff said


I would consider contacting Barry Waldrep at shop in Wedowee, AL. He has been a big Deering dealer for years.


Forgot about him… That’s a good suggestion!


Or Geoff or Andy Hohwald at Banjo Warehouse in Atlanta. That’s a nice place!


You know if you can swing it you should consider holding on to it. That’s a nice instrument you have and those only come around so often. Don’t know where you are with your guitar playing but most of us at some point end up with just about all the bluegrass instruments outside of a dobro…so consider your future and if you think you’d ever like to have a banjo. Who knows who in the family might end up with a kid (grandchild) that may take up the banjo one day?


Hey guys - thank you so much for the replies! Forgot to mention I’m in the UK! Spoke to Matt at Eagle Music, Huddersfield, England, specialists in such instruments. He was really helpful, and I will probably go for a commission sale.

As for keeping it … I’m a semi-pro guitarist and dabble in mandolin and fiddle, and I think my wife would have a fit if I added it to my collection of over 20 instruments! The GDL is very heavy - I found it uncomfortable to play sitting down as it was trying to reach the ground through my leg! Wonderful tone and projection, and a truly beautiful instrument.

Many thanks again!