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How my uncle's sister gave Earl Scruggs his smile

I was going to write this story from my uncle about how Lou Lou, his sister, got Earl Scruggs to start smiling on TV. But then I thought nah, I’ll just get him to tell it again. It’s not quite as torrid as this post’s title might suggest. Have a listen.!AnBu_pv-Uo0hiG9q0ArOWu1RNRnU

Single click should work, but if it doesn’t, try ctrl click or right click open the audio file in a new tab.


That is an AWESOME STORY! LOU LOU! Is that your voice prompting the responses?

Thanks for sharing.

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PRICELESS, MAGGIE! I can put a voice with the Star-Belly (without the star) icon! :wink:

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I saw your reply come through so I stopped listening to the Black Friday deals… but frankly, while I would like to get that Resonator Banjo… I best focus on getting that new job, 'eh?

One can still have dreams, can’t they?

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Aw, you know about Sneetches? That’s neat. My favorite childhood book.

Couldn’t place the name, sorry… to many years… but the star-bellies was one of my favs too.

Speaking of… have you ever seen this classic?

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Wow, that’s a blast from the past. Hilarious.

That was a great story! Sure made me smile. :slight_smile:

Excellent. Thanks for sharing!

Wow. What a neat story! There is something to be said about “presentation” when a person is on stage. The problem is, that when I’m playing (for example), the brain is multi-tasking on a large scale. Not only playing your instrument, but also listening to the rest of the band, varying dynamics and mood. I always thought that Chet Atkins found a good compromise to this problem. Just get a grin on, and leave it there. Because once you start throwing grins around too much, you’ll invariably take your brain off it’s primary duty of getting all those notes perfect. Maybe this is why most Lead Singers just use a guitar for a “prop” and let the dudes in back do all of the trick & fancy picking?

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