How do you accompany yourself?


Howdy, Ben,
Your “self-accompaniment” (assuming it’s you playing all the instruments) is awesome. Do you use a software tool or some other mechanism that helps you record and synchronize the tracks? Being a guitar, banjo, and now new bass player, I’m looking for a way to do that. I’m also a software guy and could build something to do it, but won’t re-invent the wheel if I don’t need to. Also looking at Garage Band and some other possible tools.

Feedback from other forum members welcome too!


Watching this one with much interest. It’s always fascinated me how @BanjoBen puts together these multi screen videos and has them all synchronised or does his kinfolk really all look the same. Just plain weird what these Texans from Tennessee get up to.


Check out Band in a Box for a automated solution…lots of folks use that. But I use Logic Pro to have more custom control and I play each track except the bass, which is almost always MIDI. I’ll make a little screenshot vid to give you a preview.


A little peek into my Logic Pro X world.


You still planning on a lesson to show everyone how you make the magic happen?


Hey Mark, He has been planning on doing that for about two years. It must be that long ago I asked Ben to do a fly on the wall video of him creating one of his lessons.


Yup. I made the same request back in 2016. He’s probably been building it this whole time, so it’ll be a theatrical length piece with special effects, a plot, a sub plot, a plot twist, and a surprise cameo by the Jonas Brothers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha! I’d love to do that…it just takes so much work and it seems that I barely squeak out a video each week.


We will just need to get the candid camera team to sneak into the cabin and install their secret CCTV stuff. Big Brother is watching you boo :rofl::smiley::laughing::sunglasses:


Thanks, Ben, that’s EXACTLY what I was asking, and you answered it perfectly, with multi-media no less! Fascinating.

Looking forward to the video demo, whenever you get around to it!