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How do I start? How do I get Tabs?

Hi Ben.
I am a new student trying to figure out how to navigate your lessons. I have been trying to follow your lesson on the G major scale. I think I understand the fundamental concept, but you refer to following along in the tabs. I haven’t figured out how to get tabs for you lessons. Have I missed a part of the introduction to this course? Please let me know how I should have started.


Hi Dave welcome to @BanjoBen 's Forum. If you scroll down the page below the video you will see the TABs on the right side of the page in PDF and TEF format. Below the TABs you will find that MP3 practice audio files. On the left of the page further segment videos of the lesson.


Thanks Archie! I found the tabs before getting your answer and I have been practicing scales with them. Can you give me any other tips on how to get started? Is there a particular series of lessons that should be followed in order?


What instrument?


Hi Dave I encourage all new banjo players to work through @BanjoBen 's Beginner’s learning path, there you will learn all the fundamentals to tackle any lesson on the site… It may seem a bit intimidating at first but as you work through each lesson you will gain the knowledge and skills to move forward.

Just remember it’s not a race take all the time you need to grasp the topic, Likewise don’t feel the need to play everything perfect before moving forward to the next lesson. Your progress will be determined by the time and effort you devote to each lesson not how fast you can rip through them. Ben has spent years constructing these lessons and assembling this learning path so make the most of your studies.

That said don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. It’s your membership, if you see a tune you want to learn whether it be in the intermediate or advanced section go for it. Once you know the fundamentals nothing should hold you back. The more you put in the more you get out

Take some time to watch the lessons on Theory. If you are a banjo player watch Alan Munde’s Fretboard Geography These two courses will add a lot to your learning experience and help you better understand what’s being taught elsewhere on the site. Above all have FUN.

If you have any queries along the way just hollier everyone here is friendly and happy to help where they can. Ben will be along soon as he is able to offer further advice.


Glad you found them! Please check out the learning tracks at the top of each instrument’s lesson page and don’t hesitate to ask questions here! Thanks for your support of the site :wink:


Welcome Dave. As Archie said start at the Beginner lesson series. It gets clearer as you work the lessons.there are a lot of great people of all skill levels here at the site and if you can swing it become a gold pick member ( Life time is the best deal ) the member’s of the forum are very helpful and will not hesitate to jump in and give you a helping hand with no judgment, only to move you forward with your instrument and instruction regardless of skill level. Onc again Welcome and happy picking!:sunglasses:


OK, everything the others have told you is true. And they are better pickers then me.
But, as a struggling, fat-fingered, clumsy-thumbed, tone deaf person who looks at the tabs & thinks the measure number is some string or fret he should be playing, I can tell you the Beginner’s Banjo Track is the way to go. One step leads to another & pretty soon you think someone else is playing the banjo, because you never could play it that well before.
Even my wife of 44 years has remarked at how much better I’ve gotten at picking the banjo. I find this a bit odd, as she has never said I’ve gotten better at anything since we were married.
Maybe it is possible to learn the banjo to get girls!