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How about “Are you washed in the Blood” in G

Playing this Sunday, could use a few ideas…I didn’t see anything under lessons, maybe I missed it? Seems like a few posts on the subject.


Hi coopercecil, welcome to the forum.

Where are you as far as skill level ?
I listen to the song and hear lots of opportunity for blue notes
I found lots of examples on youtube but they tended to be in B or A but the same ideas can be moved to G

You can also find a similar gospel songs in G in the lessons and then use some of those ideas
Here is one:

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Sorry, I don’t have a lesson on it for mandolin, and I don’t have time to get anything out this week. I’ll put it on the list, though!

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Thanks for the reply’s. I am intermediate on mandolin. I’ll look at the link. Thank you,
And looking forward to the definitive from Ben!



Welcome to The forum and I look forward to hearing more from you.

What tempo/key/feel were you thinking? Something kind swingy like this?