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Horrible News!

@BanjoBen, I just saw the horrible news and I had to come here and check with you… ARE YOU OK?? Is there anything we can do, buddy? Stay strong…

“Texans, Whataburger fans question validity of fast-food study that named In-N-Out state’s favorite”


I live in TX. I like What-a-burger. I also like In-N-Out.

I too question the “study.”

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Here’s one just for @BanjoBen

Tut tut Don’t you know @Mike_R What-a-burger is @BanjoBen 's fav .

I do like them both, but there’s only one Yeti tumbler on my desk at the moment:


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Wow. I did not know that such a thing existed.

BTW, I probably eat Whataburger about 10 to 1 over In-N-Out.

I used to write software for the “quick service” restaurant industry. Whataburger was one of our customers. The largest franchisee was a company called Barrand. I love Whataburger, but Barrand was Whataburger on steroids. IIRC, they had different vendors for some items (bakery, etc.). Just imagine fresher, tastier, Whataburger. Great stuff. I once drove a long way, past many “normal” Whataburgers to take my wife to a Barrand Whataburger. Sadly, I heard a while back that Barrand sold all their stores to corporate. I have no idea why I wanted to share that, but now that I typed it… may as well leave it :crazy_face:

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I might have guessed @BanjoBen food is FOOD they are all your FAV’s

And I’m not sure which is more valuable, the YETI tumbler or the stack of old Lacie drives behind it. Man those things scare me.

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Well, we don’t have any burger joints in our neck of the woods (not a single one!) But we don’t let that stop us Screenshot_2018-09-25-20-10-36 Screenshot_2018-09-25-20-09-42 we (well, my mom and two bros) hand squashed the patties (in their armpits :wink: ) and we stumped the ketchup ourselves! (Ummm, I’m not sure where that came from, but we didn’t actually do that :joy: ) they were delicious :yum:

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What’s to be afraid of? They haven’t bitten me yet.

I never go burger joints the only place that serves a burger rare enough for me is the meat department of my local grocery store. that’s how I eat my burgers.

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In honor of Ben, I ate at Whataburger last night after shooting.


Who did your shoot Mike - a Whataburger ?

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He shot his neighbor’s cow and took it to whataburger for a price break

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I shot paper targets, but I like KG’s explanation better.

Ben likes shooting and Whataburger, so it seemed like a “Ben” kind of evening.

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You better find some wood to knock on. I’ve never seen so many of one drive brand fail so often.

I just realized, @Archie is assuming you shot somebody! Note his use of the word “who” :thinking: :scream: :wink: :joy:

Hmmm, the GDrives? These are the ones I use…are these the ones you’re talking about?

Yeah, that’s the ones. To be fair, though, it has been years since I trusted them. I steer all of my clients away from them just like I do Toshiba laptops. So, it’s possible they’ve upped their game since I stopped using them.