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Home made banjo bridge

Just because I thought I would :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:… I decided to have a go at making a banjo bridge from a block of oak. I don’t have much of power tools, so had to carve it all by hand and saw. It doesn’t have an ebony strip as I don’t have any ebony. It weighs around 3gms.
I tried it on my other banjo and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Just a little mellow, probably because of the lack of ebony top.
It was fun making it, took hours mind you. :rofl:


Great job!

Sure, fun thing… reminds me of childhood days when we had all the manual tools - saw, chisel, plane, hammer etc. - to do the wood work.

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i have some ebony if you need some

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Looks great! What are you building next, a whole banjo?

Wow, an oak banjo bridge. Impressive. I’m still a fan girl :slight_smile:

I saw the title of this post and @Dragonslayer was the last to comment on it and so I have to admit, I thought Gunnar had made a bridge out of legos or something and that’s why I clicked on this post.


Ha! My bridge is working fine so I don’t really need to change it. But now that you mentioned it, I wonder…


Thanks Lee, I think I can probably pick some up from a mate of mine, but the offer is much appreciated. :+1:

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Ha! I would love too, but I don’t have the machine tools for that, maybe a biscuit tin banjo one day. :wink:

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No probs

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