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Highest Honor I Can Receive

I received the following from Gold Pick member Greg Grubbs. I’m posting this not to shine a spotlight on myself, but to shine a spotlight on the awesome God we have who turns our tiny, pathetic efforts into his mighty work. Further, receiving feedback like this is ultimately why I try to do what I do:

Hey Ben,

My name is Greg Grubbs and I have been a gold pick member for a log time now and thought I would finally drop you a note thanking your for your help.

We have a band created from the worship team at my church called Southern Cross. We are a part of the mission organization “Proclaim International”. We go on mission trips, working with missionaries around the world presenting the gospel thru music. We work with missionaries to help plant churches, draw people to drug rehab centers, minister to refugees, minister to people at help centers, play in prisons presenting the gospel, I could go on and on. We have been to Greece twice and are going back the first week of October this year. We have been to Croatia, Peru and Belarus. We’ve seen great works being accomplished in all these countries. We not only play gospel music but we do popular music, that relates to the atmosphere of the culture, in a bluegrass style. Your licks have been used all over the world for the glory of Christ. Many people have come to know Jesus Christ listening to a banjo player that you have helped develop. I could go on and on about the ones saved thru this ministry, but I know you have a lot of emails to read. Thank you again and know that God is using you greatly through what you are doing.

This is Athens, Greece. That’s us playing on the left. Notice the Acropolis in the background.


Remarkable. Never underestimate the power of a vision to change the world into a better place. Thanks for this!

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Awww. How sweet is that?

What Mike said!

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What Gunnar said.


Great message for any day, but nothing like starting off a Monday with this message! Thanks for sharing!