High quality banjo


Hi, I wondering if a high quality banjo made a huge difference compared to an average one? Also, when did you guys upgrade to a higher quality banjo. When u became more advanced? Intermediate? Thanks!


It really depends on the individual banjo. I’d say that if 2 banjos are set up to feel and play exactly the same, no, it won’t make a huge difference in your ability to play. If one banjo is set up better than the other, that makes all the difference in the world. I personally like a nice, low action. I think it helps me play faster. Some guys prefer a medium to medium-high action. I have a really tough time playing cleanly on their banjos.

So, if the set ups feel the same, the only benefit you really get from the high end banjo is the tone. I will say, though, that the right tone on any instrument can inspire me to play more, which does improve my playing. :slight_smile:


Cody, it depends on your definition of high and average. To most folks, average means a $3-500 banjo. Is there a huge difference? Absolutely, in feel, playability, tone, and ability to adjust/customize it. The reason I sell the RK 35’s and 36’s is that I believe they are the most affordable (cheapest, if you will) of the good banjos, meaning banjos that are a good investment if you plan on playing for a while. The Deerings are like that as well, though the RK’s are more in the vein and tradition of the Gibson models.

I don’t know what banjo you have now, but if it’s a learner model, the RK-36 is going to feel and sound like a Corvette in your hands.


I don’t know much about banjos, but for other stringed instruments, it takes X amount to get to the “sacrifices nothing” level. That is, it plays well, intonates well and sounds solid. Everything beyond that is nice to have (mostly improved tone, but also aesthetic features or being made in a certain locale), but that basic level is everything you need. Based on Ben’s description (and other accounts I have heard and experienced) it sounds like the RKs are right around level X.

FWIW, and just my experience… I have never regretted buying “too nice” of an instrument.


That’s the truth. I went safe shopping one time and the salesman said, “No one complains that their gun safe is too big.” I went with the bigger one and glad I did.


Awesome, thanks for the replies, it helped a lot. I’m thinking about upgrading to that Corvette now!


Huber banjo, i want a huber banjo maybe the workhorse not sure … but i do have a Deering golden Era should i just be satisfied, iam always thinking something is better ?


That is the million dollar question!!! Ha!