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High G String Tag End

Does anyone have any advice for stringing the high G string so that the tag end of the string does not stick out from the tuning peg? While learning the tune Cold Frosty Morning, I did the hammer-on on the 4th string and promptly pricked the ring finger on my left hand. I had to stop my practice so as to not bleed on the fret board.
Thanks for your help!

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Hi Mike I’ve done that on many occasions and I feel your pain. I snip off the string close to the capstain but it still leave a tiny point poking through. Some folks tuck the end back in through the hole but I find this so frustrating and gave up on it. Maybe others can offer a better solution.

I leave mine a tiny bit longer and angle it so there is no way to accidentally hit it. Have had to be reminded of this several times… :confounded:


Same here.


Once strung and wound feed the end back through the peg hole and pull almost all the way through, snip it close and it should just pull back into the hole slightly so no sharp end sticking out

Also a little gaffa/duck tape can help over the sharp point of the string :+1: