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Here’s wrecking your coincidence

Last night I was practicing Amazing Grace -fingerpicking style for beginners. After completing my solo I looked up at my wife and asked…Do you recognize what I was playing? She pondered for a moment and said …hum a few bars… Now that can kind of
a question does very little for a beginner’s ego…hahaha…


Awwww… :disappointed:


To be fair about the point… I play this often too… But on Mandolin. There are 2 versions. The first is a build-a-break picking style that has 3 parts… the melody, the 2nd part and the 3rd… each more intricate than the previous.

The other version is all tremolo… and that one… Just doesn’t sound as good until it can be played very well.

Consequently, I received the same comments. “I like the other version better”… but the issue is me - not the arrangement.

I know that.

Be of good cheer and just keep practicing!